SoHo Capital LLC


Our History

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1996 - First a Single Family Office and then a Merchant Bank

SoHo began in 1996 as a single family office.  It remains a private investment vehicle for its founders.

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2006 - Wealth Management and Digital Wealth Pioneer

SoHo expanded in 2006 to wealth management for HNW and UHNW external clientele via SoHo Financial Services LLC.  It was an early pioneer of digital wealth management.  With the efficiency technology afforded it, SoHo expanded its client base to retail accounts. 

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2006 - Asset Management and Portfolio Replication

SoHo's use of technology and machine learning afforded it to develop its own set of proprietary optimization and replication technologies.  From this, it created SoHo Asset Management LLC.  The firm developed its own suite of investment products wherein it acts as a licensor for its technology for external sub-advisors.  


2008 - New Offices in Incline Village, Nevada

SoHo's presence expands to Nevada!  




2012 - New Offices in Montecito, California

With one of the largest concentrations of endowments and foundations in the world, Santa Barbara County represented an extraordinary opportunity for SoHo to open an affiliated office.  In Santa Barbara, SoHo would develop the core of its replication technology for use in the non=profit community.


2014 - New Presence in Singapore 

With the largest concentration of private wealth in the world developing in Singapore, SoHo opened an affiliated office in Singapore.  Today, SoHo has built one of the largest distribution networks in APAC for traditional and non-traditional investment strategies with the world's largest banks and insurance companies.

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2018 - Move 78 PTE LTD.

SoHo's work in fractionalizing the cost to deliver financial services led it to become APAC’s leading partner for financial inclusion. Move 78 is headquartered in Singapore.