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Public and Private Sector Comms

Speakers Bureau & Press

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Through its wholly owned subsidiary Blankie Media, SoHo provides clients a one-stop PR and speakers bureau. Blankie Media’s roots were as the “go-to” FinTech firm for APAC and has since expanded its roster to include the world’s leading technology and finance executives as speakers.

The team at Blankie Media have over 20+ years of experience working with the world’s largest financial firms in creating executive narratives and global communication campaigns.

Digital Marketing

SoHo has a long background and history in digital marketing and lead generation for public and private sector firms. SoHo helped co-found Infocu5, where SoHo offers a complete suite of digital marketing solutions.

Media Content

Through Blankie Media, SoHo established the UnHedged podcast. Leveraging SoHo massive base of email subscribers and social media followers, UnHedged has become one of the leading podcasts. The podcast can be subscribed to by clicking here.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Unhedged community, please click here to join!