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Our Team

The Advisors listed are independent professionals who work with SoHo and our portfolio companies to provide industry and operating expertise, and access to relationships that enhance our ability to serve our portfolio companies and investors. While not employees of SoHo, these professionals have a strong professional connection with the firm.

Troise HeadShot BW.jpg

Frank T. Troise

MLPortrait_soho BW.jpg

Mac Ling

Expertise: APAC Strategy

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Steve Monaghan

Raneri Headshot2 BW.png

Michael Raneri

Expertise: Financial Services

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Ketan Samani


Ray Corrigan

Expertise: Strategic Planning

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Mariko Braswell

Chris Battaglia BW.jpeg

Chris Battaglia

Expertise: Institutional Investments

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Aaron Oliver

Experience: Payments

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Matthew Dearth

Expertise: Investment Management

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Umang Moondra

Expertise: Operations & Technology

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Miguel Soriano

Expertise: Financial Inclusion

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Warwick Young BW.jpg

Warwick Young

Expertise: Insurance & Digital Wealth

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ROLPH_Douglas_Streeter_headshot BW.jpg

Dr. Doug Rolph

Expertise: Asia Strategy

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Douglas Borthwick

Expertise: Foreign Exchange Trading & Strategy

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Amit Picture 2-2 BW.jpeg

Amit Pau

Expertise: European Strategy

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Gerry Ferguson BW.jpg

Gerald Ferguson

Expertise: Banking & Asset Management

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